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Lips Neon Sign


The handcrafted glass tubes are mounted to the acrylic stand making it perfect for placing on a desk or shelf.

The art of creating neon is highly labour intensive and requires exceptional glass blowing craftsmanship which can only be honed after many years of practice. It's no wonder this is a dying craft. We are fortunate to have found skilled craftsmen who are artisans in their own right and watching them work is nothing short of magical.

The end product is our neon light creations which are a testament to our keen attention to detail and quality. We hope to see them in homes and offices lit up and being the centrepieces of your space.

Product Info

      Warranty: 1 year
      Handcrafted glass tubes
      10mm thick acrylic stand
      Neon colour: Light Pink
      Acrylic stand dimensions: 35.0 cm (length) x 20.0 cm (height) x 10.0 cm (depth)
      Power Supply Unit: CE certified power supply unit
      Power Cord: 3.6 m (12 ft) long with on/off foot switch
      Designed for indoor use only


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            Lips Neon - Design Driven Goods
            Lips Neon - Design Driven Goods