Do you make customised neon signs?

Yes we do. We're even able to manufacture them in both the traditional glass tube type or the more affordable LED flexible neon type. If you have a project for us, please contact us with your customised neon sign design and dimensions and we'll get back to you with a quote.

How much do you charge for customised neon signs?

This depends on the neon type (traditional glass tube or LED flexible neon), quantity, size and complexity of the design. Our prices are very competitive as we cut out the middleman and operate an online store instead of a physical shop front.

Why Choose Us?

Being one of the first local brands to launch retail ready-made neon signs, we have extensive experience in prototyping, customizing and manufacturing both traditional glass tube neons and LED neons.

We started with the goal of making neons affordable by creating a line of ready made neon signs produced in bulk quantities. This allowed us to pass on the savings to customers. These neons have been featured in Home & Décor, Lookbox Living, Square Rooms, Houzz and The Straits Times.

Our focus has since shifted towards customised neon signs to meet the demand of our customers. Our obsessive attention to detail remains a constant and is what ensures each neon delivered is of the highest quality.

What is LED Neon?

LED neons are a cost effective way of getting your own customised neon sign for your office, event, shop, room or even wedding. While requiring less skill than traditional glass neon it still requires meticulous craftsmanship to bend the plastic tubes to shape and apply just the right amount of glue to attach the tubes to the acrylic backing.


  • Mimics Traditional Glass Tube Neon: Light is diffused from the individual LEDs into a smooth bright line of light without seeing the individual LED "dots".

  • Impact Resistant: PVC plastic housing and acrylic base board are constructed of impact resistant materials.

  • Simple Installation: comes with a local 3 pin plug ready to be plugged in and mounted to a wall.

  • Low Voltage (12V): safe to be within reach and is cool to the touch.

  • Long Lifespan: 50,000 hrs with no fading of brightness during entire lifespan.

  • Quick turnaround time: production in as fast as 10 days.

  • Add on Options:

    • Mounting: can be hung from chains from the ceiling or placed onto a table top with an acrylic stand.

    • Lighting: dimmable via remote or rotary switch controller; light animation options

    • Outdoor Usage: IP65 & anti-UV materials with waterproof power supply unit can be fitted for outdoor usage.

What is Traditional Glass Tube Neon?

We'll cut to the chase. Nothing will ever match the visual impact of glass blown neon. We even skipped doing a list of features as it's irrelevant. What you should know though is that glass blown neon involves a far more complex manufacturing process than LED flexible neon and requires extensive experience and skill to execute properly. Check out this video by HYPEBEAST and this one by Bloomberg to get a better idea of the craftsmanship, complexity and even danger behind making neon. We are proud to be supporting this dying craft.

Our craftsmen have decades of experience in the art of glass blowing and are artisans in their own right. What you will get is akin to an art piece. Having said that the cost is at least twice as much as LED neon and in many scenarios we'll admit that it's not as sensible as getting an LED neon.

What are the benefits of LED Neon?

LED Flexible Neon

Traditional Glass Tube Neon 

Lower Cost Higher Cost (2x or more of LED Neon)
Impact Resistant Fragile (due to glass tubes)
Low Voltage (can be mounted within reach) High Voltage (should be mounted out of reach)
Quick Production Time (~10 days) Longer Production Time (~1.5 months)
Outdoor usage option available Cannot be made for outdoor usage

Is there any warranty?

Yes, all customised neon signs come with a 6 month warranty.

How long will my neon sign last?

Neon signs can last a very long time which explains why we still see them on old shopfronts or billboards that have been there for ages. The lifespan of a neon sign depends on the frequency of use and operating conditions. In most cases they will last 6-10 years or 50,000 hrs.

Placing an Order

If you have a project for us, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us with your customised neon sign design and dimensions and we'll get back to you with a quote.