About us

The unmistakable glow

Neon signs have always fascinated us. There’s an indescribable quality to the glow they emit and the way they seem to draw people in. Once seen on old shopfronts and billboards, neon is making a comeback into hip establishments due to the aura they create.

Bringing the costs down

So then why don't we see more neon signs in homes and offices as decor pieces? The reason lies in the high cost of customisation to make a single neon sign which only makes sense for businesses. We aim to change that by creating a collection of ready made neon signs designed in-house and produced in larger batches. The result is cool neon signs that won't break the bank. 

Uncompromised quality

Our neon sign creations are the result of countless rounds of prototyping and a labour of love for over a year. The art of creating neon is highly labour intensive and requires exceptional glass blowing craftsmanship which can only be honed after many years of practice. Its no wonder this is a dying craft. We are fortunate to have found skilled craftsmen who are artisans in their own right and watching them work is nothing short of magical.

The end product is our neon sign creations which are a testament to our keen attention to detail and quality. We hope to see them in homes and offices lit up and being the centrepieces of your space.